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Prepare the Ground for Your Construction Project

Rely on us for lot clearing services in Wylie & Plano, TX

Trees can boost the livability and visual appeal of your property, but they can also block progress. Before you start building on your Wylie & Plano, TX area property, make room with lot clearing services from Aspen Tree Service. Our highly trained team will remove trees, stumps and brush so you can enjoy your new wide-open space. We also use these scraps to create mulch, so you can turn to us for mulch delivery services in the Wylie & Plano, TX area.

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How can brush removal benefit your build?

Don't start building on a piece of land that's covered with shrubs and other natural obstacles. Instead, turn to us for brush removal services. We'll make your project easier by:

  • Creating flat, open surfaces to build on.
  • Preventing soil erosion from shifting the ground.
  • Removing fire and tripping hazards from your site.

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Tree Preservation:

Keep your desirable trees safe during construction. Call us today for more information on how you can ensure the preservation of your trees!