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Chisholm Trail Rides

Enjoy a relaxing trail ride with Chisholm Trail Rides. Are you new to riding, or has it been a long time since you were on a horse? Don’t worry, at Chisholm, they cater to all levels of riders, from beginners to experts and they have a variety of different horses and breeds to match all rider’s skill levels. Visitors can choose between a big variety of trails and trail rides start at 50 USD per person. For an additional 10 USD per person/hour, you can make your ride a private tour.

They offer trail riding for ages 5 years old and up. The trail riding is NOT follow the leader. It is open riding where the horses will ride side by side in a natural group. This allows us to ride to the level of the riders, whether that’s walk, trot, or lope/canter. No matter if you’re a beginner, have some experience, or experienced rider we can accommodate your riding level.
They give up to 30 minutes of instructional warm up with our guides in the arena. This time allows riders to feel comfortable with their horse prior to heading out on to trail.
They cater to beginner, first time, and experienced riders. Ride both Western and English. For children 5-6 years old, the trail guide may possibly pony their horse on trail. This allows children to ride to their ability while still allowing their guide to have control of the horse. They do not allow parents to ride double with their children.

The trails vary in terrain making riding for any level rider fun! They offer unique, personalized riding experiences. Their horses will ride side by side and in a group setting. With up to 30 minutes of instructional warm up, they can ride beginners and experienced riders on the same trail. Trails are booked by specific appointment times. They offer 2-hour semi-private, 2-hour private trails, and 3-hour trails. Match riders to horses based on riding experience. They offer both Western and English riding. They offer riding for ages 5 years old and up! The rides start at 2 people and can accommodate up to 10 riders. If trying to book groups larger than 8 people. Weight over 225 lbs. This needs to be determined on a per rider basis. They do have horses for over 200 lbs, but need to verify availability of those horses. Please call prior to booking.
Please let them know if English is a language you aren’t comfortable with so they can help with the language gap. Want’s everyone to enjoy their ride with. Whether you’re an adult or child, the goal with the lesson program is to educate people on what to do when riding horses. Lessons start, one on one, in the arena. Once instructors observe that you have achieved the basics of riding, they head out to open trail. They teach everything you need to know about riding and horses. From brushing and saddling to riding at a walk, trot, lope/canter, you get it all!

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