Cottonwood Creek Trail

When you walk around Allen, you will find a variety of stunning trails that you can follow. At Ridgeview Drive in Allen, you can find the start of Cottonwood Creek Trail. The trail is 3.4 miles long and goes along Cottonwood Creek. During your hike, you will find this trail lined with majestic trees towering over you. Along the way, you will pass by a park containing amenities like a playground, outdoor courts, and more. As you walk further, you will also pass by the Old Stone Dam, constructed in 1874. The last part of this trail leads you to Allen Station Park, another public space containing sports fields, a skate park, and many other amenities.

The Cottonwood Creek Trail provides a north-south route through Allen, a northern suburb of Dallas, spanning 7.5 miles in two disconnected segments.The northern section begins at Ridgeview Drive, just south of the Sam Rayburn Tollway. From there, this 3.4-mile section follows the tree-lined Cottonwood Creek south along residential neighborhoods. At Stacy Road, travelers will come to a park with a playground, tennis court and parking area. Shortly after crossing under US 75, the trail passes the Old Stone Dam, built in 1874 by the Houston and Texas Central Railway Company to provide water for steam locomotives. The final leg of this paved pathway traverses Allen Station Park, which offers athletic fields, a playground, skate park, BMX track and roller hockey rinks. The southern section begins at E. Main Street, between the Allen Cemetery and S. Greenville Avenue. The 4.1-mile pathway winds southward, largely skirting a residential area. It also connects two schools, This highly scenic trail is suitable for hiking and horseback riding (advanced riders). Cottonwood Canyon has steep, vertical cliffs.

The elevation at the mouth of the canyon is 4,800 feet with the top of the canyon wall at 7,200 feet. At the upper end of the trail, the elevation at the creek is 7,000 feet and the top of the canyon wall is 7,900 feet. The trail is about 4 1/2 miles long and winds through BLM-managed public land, Bighorn National Forest land and State of Wyoming land. The trail accesses the Bighorn National Forest where one can continue hiking or horseback riding on primitive roads and trails. Vegetation in Cottonwood Canyon include narrowleaf cottonwood, willow, waterbirch, red osier dogwood, big sagebrush, juniper, mountain mahogany, Rocky Mountain maple, Indian ricegrass, ninebark, limber pine, Douglas-fir, aspen, and bluebunch wheatgrass. Things to note: Bring drinking water as Cottonwood Creek disappears underground at times. If using water from the creek, filter it or otherwise treat before drinking.Ford Middle School and Vaughan Elementary School, and two parks, Ford Park West and Heritage Park.

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