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Public Art in Mesquite

If the weather is nice and there’s nothing on at the Mesquite Arts Center that catches your fancy, maybe you’d like to roam around the city and catch some of the public art displays. The Mesquite Arts Council and the Mesquite City Council have both banded together to promote public art pieces scattered throughout town. There’s also the Art Around Town program, which provides temporary sculpture exhibits at select locations.
You can look up either online to find out where you can expect to spot these public art displays.

How do you unwind after a long day? How do you relax after completing a challenging project? You may be an actor, painter, or musician and use the arts as a way to escape life for a while. You may be a runner, lifter, or swimmer and engage in physical activity. Regardless of your choice, the Public Art Walk Richardson is one way you can relax this summer—and immerse yourself in local art along the way. The Public Art Walk Richardson was created by the Leadership Arts Class of 2017, a program of the Business Council for the Arts, in collaboration with the City of Richardson. It consists of a 2.8-mile route on the northern part of Richardson’s Central Trail that allows people of any age or demographic to enjoy eight of Richardson’s most impressive works of public art.

The displays range from marvelous fountains to dazzling sculptures. One such sculpture is Whirlwind, found within the CityLine mixed used development. Created by Dallas sculptor Angela Mia De La Vega, this bronze sculpture depicts two children playing. Inspired by her own children, the statues imitate the joy and carefree attitude of children while they play. They display the human spirit that any visitor is bound to relate to. Another Texan whose work is featured here is Joseph Havel’s Endless. The sculpture is part of a series that examines the idea of books as vessels. It illustrated how books carry culture through both art and history. Those are just a few of the memorable pieces of artwork located in Richardson, and there’s quite a few more fun pieces, too. From a giants green rabbits to cows conquering moons, the Public Art Walk Richardson is bound to capture the attention and imagination of any who visit. Oh, and it’s free.

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