Healthy Soil = Healthy Tree

Trees often need help to stay healthy, especially in urban settings. Deep root fertilization is a wise investment in your trees to help them look good and live a longer and healthier life.

Customized Deep Root Fertilization

Tree roots need a healthy soil, the proper balance of nutrients, and air (or oxygen) in the soil to stay healthy. Our deep root fertilization is a process where a high quality, custom blended, nutrient solution is injected into the root zone of trees. These materials are injected under pressure which helps aerate the soil and provide much needed oxygen for the root system. The solution encourages microbial activity to enrich the soil and increases the nutrient levels, providing for a healthier and longer lived tree.

Our fertilization mix is a custom mixture specified by our group of plant pathologists and manufactured exclusively for our company. Our consulting arborist may recommend amendments to the standard mixture when certain nutrient deficiencies or health concerns are present.

The soil injection begins just below the surface and goes to a depth of twelve to fourteen inches. Soil injection sites are placed two to three feet apart in a grid pattern under the canopy area and beyond, in some cases.

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When Should I Fertilize My Trees, and How Often?

When your trees will be fertilized depends on the recommended frequency of fertilization applications, as well as any additives included in your fertilization blend.

For most trees, fertilization programs should be repeated once or twice a year. There will be instances where severe root damage has occurred, soil compaction exists, or other health problems are present. In these cases, our consulting arborist may recommend increasing the frequency of applications and/or an additive to help offset problems.

Your trees deserve to be healthy, so contact us today.


CUSTOMER Testimonials

Aspen Tree Service
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We highly recommend this company and their team of experts. Service and estimate was supportive and honest, the crew was thorough and careful with a challenging job, and clean up was superior. Very professional and did an excellent job with tree trimming, pruning, and large limb removals.
Great work from friendly and professional people
They did a great job! It took longer than expected to get some parts with supply chain issues, but they got it done just in time before our house went on the market.They don't knock willy nilly just trying to get you to pay for services you don't need. We were fully aware this tree was in need of care and had forgotten due to other home issues like foundation repair and new hvac.Luckily, they knocked on the door to remind us and offered a good package deal on a bolt and cable for 1 tree, and pruning for all 4.They were fast on the pruning, and worked their hardest to get the needed part for the bolt placement.Good and honest company that cares about their service and reputation. Highly Recommend!
Want someone you can trust? Tim came to consult us on our beloved pecan tree. Friendly. Accessible. Knowledgable. But mostly honest. He could have tried to sell me things I didn't need but he told me the truth about what I *didn't* need and saved me time and trouble. He truly looks out for the best for his clients and prospects. I want to do business with honest people like this!
AJ & his team were great. We had a tree split in half during a windstorm in a very tough location. They were out there very quickly and removed it without any part of the tree falling on the house which was a very likely scenario. They were prompt & the communication was great. Would definitely use them again!
They were on time, very professional, and courteous. They did a great job trimming our neighbors (and ours) unruly tree. Was even more amazed at the fantastic job they did with clean up. Very happy with Aspen and the quality work they did. Great job!
AJ and his team did amazing work with the tree removal service we requested! Thanks guys!
I have worked with the Aspen Team on multiple occasions and they have done a class A job everytime. Quick, efficient, great work, and affordable. Love working with them and will continue to.
the crew were on time, professional, and clearly had a system for keeping everyone on site safe.
Aspen Tree Service was fantastic!! Professional, on time, efficient, friendly, informative! We will definitely use them again!! Thanks to you and your Aspen team our beautiful oak tree looks better than ever!! Greatly appreciate it!
Two thumbs up! Excellent work and great customer service. You won't be disappointed.
The team did a great job removing a dead tree and pruning live oaks and other tall tres in my yard (30’+). Everything looks terrific. The team was thorough and worked until the job was fully complete and I was satisfied. And their clean up was spotless. All the debris is gone. Every twig, every leaf.
Can't thank Aspen Tree Service enough for pruning trees at my mom's house. Great job, you can actually see the house again!!
Great company to work with. AJ is a knowledgeable arborist and has a great crew.
I responded to an add offering wood from a lot that Aspen Tree Service was clearing. The guys at the site, including AJ, were incredibly helpful in helping me load up the wood. I can only imagine they are just as tremendously courteous and professional in the rest of their business.
I can not give enough praise to Mike and his team at Aspen Tree Service. Not only was he courteous and responsive to all my questions but the removal of the tree and clean up was done professionally. We had a tree in a very bad location on the property near power/telephone lines, building and a high traffic public road. Aspen came out on time and worked quickly and followed up with me to make sure the service done was up to my standards. Aspen Tree Service and I will be working together on any other projects that I need to handle.
I had a big dead oak that that had rotted and partially fallen on my house. Aspen removed it and grinded the stump. I even had them prune several trees in the back yard. I was please with their professional conduct and speedy service. I also enjoyed chatting with the owner and crew. I would definitely recommend utilizing Aspen Tree service: I know I will.
AJ and his crew did such an excellent job removing a damaged tree on our property that had fallen on a neighbor’s fence! They were very responsive, did a great job removing the tree, and went as far as washing all the debris off the roof. They even cut and stacked the logs for firewood. Very pleased across the board with Aspen and will use them for all our future needs!
AJ and his crew did such an excellent job removing a damaged tree on our property that had fallen on a neighbor’s fence! They were very responsive, did a great job removing the tree, and went as far as washing all the debris off the roof. They even cut and stacked the logs for firewood, no charge! Very pleased across the board with Aspen and will use them for all our future needs!
My neighbor's trees overhang my house, so I was glad to engage Aspen as someone the neighbors trusted too. That's how I met them.My biggest issue was one of my trees (50+ year old elm), has been having issues, but Aspen will help it live longer.They also cut down some volunteer trees, took out some poison ivy that I didn't know about on the back of my lot, and cleaned up a live oak leaf situation that had been lingering.I was at work while they were here, but the I am pretty sure they had a whole crew out after I left at 8:30am and finished before 3:30pm.I would definitely hire them again.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”



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