Is it ok to remove trees close to the house?

Yes, in many cases trees need to be trimmed or removed for safety as well as foundation problems.

What's involved in the tree removal process?

A typical process is-

1. Rigging down limbs with ropes
2. Chipping or stacking the brush out of the way.
3. Notching and dropping a trunk.
4. Hauling off the logs
5. Grinding the stump

Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

Most jurisdictions do not require a permit. Some HOAs do require notification and in some cases a replacement tree to be planted.

Do I have to be home for the removal process?

You do not need to be home. But, many times folks like to watch how we bring down big trees and spectate. All we ask is to let us know so we can guide you to a safe area to watch from.

How much will the service cost?

As you can imagine, all trees are different. Therefore jobs have a wide range of costs depending on how timely and complex they are. All of our Arborists have spent hundreds of hours working on trees themselves so they can accurately understand and price your job as competitive as possible.

Who will work on my property?

A well equipped and experienced tree crew that adheres to ANSI safety and pruning standards.

Are you licensed?

We are Certified Arborists through the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). The State of Texas does not require a license to cut trees. Therefore, being certified differentiates those of us that are certified vs those that are not.

CUSTOMER Testimonials

Aspen Tree Service
Based on 112 reviews
I have used Aspen tree service several times. they are very professional and really know their stuff. They have done a large take down at my mom’s house and routine work for us. I have a couple trees with large broken limbs after the recent rain and I called them to take care of this damage as well. Thank AJ and team.
Tim, AJ, the crew, and the couple who came out to grind the stump were all top notch. The pricing was very fair for the amount of work required, they used remaining billable hours to cut down some shrubs we had in the front and back, and I would recommend them to everyone. We are very happy with the results and professionalism!
Third time I've used Aspen Tree Service. Great work done quickly and professionally!
Thank you Mr. Tim for taking the time to visit and provide superior work on our tree. Your personality, character & above all, your professionalism was exceptional. Also special thanks for Dianna for your prompt assistance from the start to finish. Was a pleasure working with you. Thanks a bunch for making our property look spectacular. 😊
I have used Aspen Tree Service multiple times and highly recommend them. Most recently, when a tree toppled on my roof on a early Sunday morning, they arrived by 9AM to start the removal. Although removing the caught limb involved endangering a large picture window, the Aspen workers were able to do so with no damage. Their workers are professionals and always clean up impeccably when finished.
Aaron and the rest of the Aspen crew did a good job for me. They efficient, complete and clean. I would use them again.
Great experience. The crew was prompt, efficient & courteous.
They did a great job at a reasonable price.
The Aspen Tree Service crew exceeded my expectations. They were prompt, professional, courteous & affordable. They also did a great job of making sure that my yard was thoroughly cleaned up after the service was completed. I highly recommend them for any tree service!
I have known these guys for a long time. AJ Morris and Tim Waswick own the company. They are the real deal! These guys are efficient and have great relationships with all of their customers. They are very good at what they do. Their pricing is competitive as well! Michael Bruce is most likely the guy you will deal with if you need an estimate. He has over 14 years of customer service and it shows! Now, when you call in with questions you'll probably end up talking to the office manager Diana. She's extremely helpful! She was able to help me out with all my questions! If you have some trees in the way of your house or in your life, you'll want to give these guys a call!
After having issues with a tree on my property, I reached out to Aspen tree service to see if they could give me some advice on how to manage the tree. They were knowledgeable and efficient. After trimming off all the dead branches and doing some root work my tree has never looked better. I would definitely recommend for any future tree work!
I reached out to Aspen Tree Service after a storm and they did not disappoint in service. From start to finish, they were professional, on time, and efficient. Would definitely recommend and use again in the future!
Worked really hard and cleaned up the mess. Fair price. A pleasure to work with. Will call them again.
I've had Mike and his team do a couple of jobs for me this past year. They are always prompt, polite and safe, and they did great work. I would absolutely have them back, and plan to the next time I need tree work done.
Great experience, very professional, and knew their stuff. Will definitely use them again when needed
I was impressed with there knowledge and expertise , very personable which is important to me , would recommend to any one looking for a good tree service.
Great work done - they were fast and got everything situated in a matter of a couple days. Would use them again!
Aspen tree service did an outstanding job on triming the mature trees in my yard. The crew was very thorough and efficient. Great service!!
After a storm I called Aspen tree service to assess damage. They were able to come the next day to give me a quote. I am very happy with the job the crew did.
Great company and they are very professional! I would highly recommend them to anyone. I had them take care of a tree in my backyard. They showed up on time and knocked out the job fast!


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