Insect and Disease Management

Left Unchecked, Tree Diseases and Insects Can Become Major Health Care Concerns

Trees provide a multitude of benefits but they can also be prone to insect and disease problems. Some problems are minor but others can be a major problem or potentially cause the loss of a tree. Recognizing and managing these types of issues requires an experienced and knowledgeable arborist.

Currently, Dallas residents are bracing for the Emerald Ash Borer to present itself in Dallas County. Read one of several articles featured on our website about this invasive borer known to be in Tarrant, Denton and other surrounding counties.

Tree Insects and Diseases

Tree insect and disease problems exist when there is an ideal host (your tree), a problematic insect or disease is present (that likes your tree), and the right environment for the growth or expansion of the problem (not good news for your tree). Some insects and their damage may not cause major health concerns while other insects can cause the loss of a tree. The same is true with tree diseases or pathogens.

We believe in a basic tree health care philosophy that only treats problems which can potentially cause major health concerns or the loss of a tree. We also prescribe methods that manage a problem with minimal impact to our natural world, if at all possible. We only recommend what we feel is needed for a tree as none of our arborists have ever been on commission nor are they required to meet sales quota’s.

The Live Oak pictured on the right shows classic signs of Oak Wilt. To read a comprehensive four-part article on Oak Wilt, select the Oak Wilt Part One button below to begin the article series.


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Apple tree leaves with insect damage

Tree Diseases

Some plant pathogens are of minor concern to a tree’s health most years, such as minor leaf spot fungus infections, minor blight infections, or Oak Leaf Blister. Pathogens can be slow killers such as Bacterial Leaf Scorch, while others can be quick and deadly pathogens, such as Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, or Cotton Root Rot. Our article section covers many of these subjects as an educated client is the key to healthy and long-lived trees.

Some diseases happen over time, especially in non-native plants and trees. For years, the Italian Cypress has been the exclamation mark in North Central Texas landscapes. Few trees or large shrubs provide such a columnar element of grey-green evergreen foliage. Landscape architects and gardeners alike have selected and planted Italian Cypress to accent building architecture and to add drama to pools and backyard terraces. What plant selection could be better for providing landscape screening when height is a necessity and width must be restrained?

Recently, Italian Cypress, Cupressus sempervirens, has found our urban environment less hospitable than its native Mediterranean origins. Learn more about the disease and insect challenges that come with growing Italian Cypress in North Central Texas.

Tree Insects

Some tree insects may only have one generation in a year or their populations do not grow to large numbers and only cause minor damage, such as a Spring Canker Worm, Tree Hoppers, Leaf Minors, or Lacebugs. In other cases, insects can have multiple generations or grow to numbers that can threaten the health of a tree or cause its loss such as the Emerald Ash Borer, Pine Bark Beetles, or Flat Headed Apple Tree Borer. Experienced consulting arborists know when to manage a problem and when to leave it alone and let nature take its course.

Deciding how to manage tree insects can be somewhat of a challenge. For example, bagworms can be plucked from the host tree as the first line of defense. However, this approach is only practical when the tree is small and the bagworms can be reached. To learn about the do’s and don’ts of dealing with bagworms, select the corresponding button below.

The Emerald Ash Borer, previously found in Tarrant County in 2018, is confirmed to have been found in Denton and Bowie Counties in 2020. This destructive, invasive, wood boring pest of all native species of Ash trees is a significant threat to Ash trees everywhere. They kill their host tree typically within two-to five years of infestation.

If you suspect your Ash tree has Emerald Ash Borers, it is important to have a certified arborist inspect your tree. Learn more in Dr. Mike Merchant’s article in our article collection.

If your tree has pests and you want to leave the task of managing them to the professionals, contact your Aspen Tree Service certified arborist. He or she will design an insect management plan to fit your specific needs.


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Thank you Aspen Tree Service. My trees look beautiful!Your people were very professional and knowledgeable of what to do and how to do it. I would recommend Aspen whole heartedly to everyone.
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It is rare to find an excellent Landscape & Tree Trimming company; who will answer their phones, schedule an appointment, make their appointment, be on time for their appointment, schedule the work 3 weeks out (not 6+ weeks) (Aspen Tree Trimming actually moved up their appointment 1 week), show up for the work on the day scheduled on time, and do a FABULOUS job!AJ’s team went above and beyond to provide a spectacular landscaped yard, displaying raised canopies throughout our gorgeous trees. They removed the brush and the stumps from a previous tree trimmer who never came back to finish the job, along with discarding tree branches & debris. I have already referred Aspen Tree Trimming to one of our Top Producing Agents at Coldwell Banker Apex and will refer to many more confidently! Thank you so much AJ and your Team! 😃 We appreciate YOU ALL!
Aspen Tree Service injected nutrients into an old elm tree in our front yard that we want to save. They were knowledgeable and professional in providing this service. This is the second time we have used Aspen. They have become our "go to" tree service.
Loved working with Aspen Tree Services.Aj and Aaron really know what they are doing and are easy to communicate with. I definitely ended up with the aesthetic I wanted! Would recommend and will use again!
Did an excellent job, very thorough and clean. Great to work with
Responded promptly and was professional. Very reasonable pricing for the work performed. Thank you Aaron!
As an independent contractor, I sometimes encounter projects that are beyond my abilities as an individual. I have partnered with Aspen tree service on many occasions over the past year or so to provide exceptional tree care to multiple individuals across the DFW area with absolutelys sterling results. My clients turn to me with trust and I never have to hesitate when im asked who to call for any assistance in the realm of tree services. Aspen is the name! Along with myself (a climbing arborist practicing for over 10 years) Every single one of the dozen or so clients that I have brought to Aspen since partnering with them has each been especially pleased with the quality of service and the care and attention to detail provided by the crew. Weather im on site to supervise or not, they have always taken immaculate care of any referals ive sent their way. They have a vastly talented and well experienced crew that really understands how to get the job done right and in a way that makes Aspen the only name a customer needs to know in the tree service industry. They will be ready at the call for any tree service needs from massive emergency removals all the way across the spectrum to a full menu of plant health care services. You will not regret doing business with Aspen. Don't hesitate to call for a free estimate or with any questions as to what services they offer.
Aaron and his crew did an amazing job coming out and cleaning up my overgrown trees. His crew came in and had all 3 trees done in 2 hours.
This company was great! They came to treat trees that were infested with the fall web worms and did a thorough job in examining trees and explaining causes and treatment. The technician, Mike, was very knowledgeable, experienced, and professional to work with. Highly recommend.
Aj and his crew were fantastic. They were on time as promised. The price estimated was very fair and was actually a little cheaper than originally estimated. The crew did everything that was estimated and then some. When the work was completed Aj walked the project with me to make sure that I was happy and pleased with their work. I believe this is the 6th job that Aspen Tree Service has done for me and we are always pleased. We will of course use Aj and his team in the future and we would definitely recommend him on any tree job you might have.
WOW! What a group of Pro’s. They did a terrific job. We could not have been more pleased. They cleaned up EVERYTHING, and they called the next day to make certain we were pleased. I would definitely refer them to my friends. And they’re Certified Arborists as well! They know their stuff.
Tim was great. Very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Very prompt too.I didn’t make it home in time to watch the crew but they were in and out in a couple hours. Did a great job on my front, side and backyard trees.The best part, they didn’t leave a trace that they were there - the yard was super clean! I wouldn’t have minded having the pile out front for a couple days either. The crew lead texted me when they were on their way and corresponded my ETA even though I didn’t make it in time. LOLHighly recommend and will be using them again in the next year or so.
We highly recommend this company and their team of experts. Service and estimate was supportive and honest, the crew was thorough and careful with a challenging job, and clean up was superior. Very professional and did an excellent job with tree trimming, pruning, and large limb removals.
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